rocking chairs and table on the deck of a Gatlinburg TN vacation rental
May 24, 2016

A vacation is something fun to look forward to all year long, and there are so many different types to take! Whether you’re needing some time alone or you’re planning a trip for a huge group of friends, our vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg TN comes in all sizes and styles to fit your vacation needs! Keep reading to learn about 3 types of trips to the Smokies that you should start planning now!

1. A Peaceful Weekend Alone

When you think of vacation, you usually think about taking a trip with your family or a few of your close friends, but spending some quality time by yourself is just as important. Our quaint and cozy 1 bedroom cabins make the best retreat to unplug from work and chores and reconnect with yourself and nature. When you’re by yourself in the Great Smoky Mountains, you will never feel lonely even though you’re alone. The sounds of wildlife, the blooming flowers and the fresh mountain air will keep you company, help you feel refreshed and provide the relaxation you’ve been needing.

For a nice weekend flying solo, check out Sparrow’s Nest . This 1 bedroom/1 bathroom Peaceful Weekendcabin is tucked away in the privacy of the woods but is also a short distance from downtown. Out of all of our vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg TN, this is one of the best! Sprawl out at night in your comfortable king size bed, and spend the morning observing nature from your private deck. And choose between your indoor jacuzzi or outdoor hot tub to soak away your stress in the evening!

2. A Fun Family Adventure

A Fun Family Adventure

Whether you’re a family of 4, 9 or even 20, our vacation cabin rentals in Gatlinburg TN come in all sizes to accommodate your group! We have 2 bedroom cabins , 7 bedroom cabins and everything in between! Your family is sure to love spending a weekend hiking the trails, competing in friendly games of pool and air hockey, trying new foods in downtown Gatlinburg TN and telling stories around the fireplace.

Our 4 bedroom cabin Big Sky is large enough to comfortably sleep 14 of your friends and family members! Located only 1 mile from town, this cabin with multiple jacuzzi tubs, an outdoor hot tub, a fully equipped kitchen and a big-screen TV has every amenity your group needs to relax and have fun on a long weekend in the mountains!

3. A Vacation For You and Your Pet

When you start planning a vacation, you usually assume you’ll have to spend part of A Vacation For You and Your Petyour budget on boarding your dog. Not only does this use up a chunk of your funds, but it’s also sad to leave him or her behind. At Parkside are excited to offer pet friendly cabins so that your 4-legged critter can join in on the fun! Gatlinburg TN has several great options for you to enjoy with your pet, including hiking at the Gatlinburg Trail and shopping all day long at The Village Shops! Your pup will be thrilled to get to join the family on vacation, and you’ll love saving the money on boarding fees. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Smoky Cove is one of our premier pet friendly cabins, featuring an outdoor fireplace, BBQ grill and a screened-in porch perfect for enjoying the great outdoors with your family and your pet.

Once you’ve decided which type of vacation to start planning, check out all the specials and savings we’ve made to help you save room in your budget for splurging in the city!

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