house of the fairies twin creeks trail

5 Unique Places in the Great Smoky Mountains You Have to See

Apr 09, 2020

The Great Smoky Mountains are full of neat places, from Cades Cove to a variety of hiking trails. If you’ve ever visited before, you have probably been to some of the popular spots in the national park. We want to share some unique places you should try to see the next time you’re in town. Check out these top 5 unique places in the Great Smoky Mountains you have to see:

1. Baskins Creek Falls

baskins creek trail signBaskins Creek Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the Smokies. The trail is about 3 miles roundtrip, and it is considered easy to moderate. Getting to the waterfall is fairly easy since it is downhill, but the hike back will be a little more difficult since it is mostly uphill. The waterfall is 40 feet tall with two tiers.

2. House of the Fairies

A really cool spot you should find is the House of the Fairies. To get to this spot, you will have to hike Twin Creeks Trail. It’s a 4.5 mile roundtrip hike and is considered easy. A man named Louis E. Voorheis bought many acres of land in this area and built a vacation home. He loved to experience with hydropower, and one of the things he built was the springhouse. Since it is covered in moss and built into the side of the hill, it kind of looks like a place fairies would live, which is why it was nicknamed the House of the Fairies. To get to the springhouse, you should hike until you get to the Resource Center, and then you’ll see a slightly worth path. Take the path, and you’ll get to the springhouse!

3. Clingmans Dome

clingmans domeAlthough Clingmans Dome is a rather popular spot, it is still pretty unique. The trail to get to Clingmans Dome is about 1 mile roundtrip, and it is pretty steep. This is the highest point in elevation anywhere in the national park and along the Appalachian Trail. On a clear day, you can see up to 100 miles away from the top of the observation tower.

4. Elkmont Troll Bridge

A whimsical place in the Great Smoky Mountains is the troll bridge in Elkmont. To get to this bridge, you should take Little River Trail. About 100 feet into the trail, you’ll see a small trail going off the main trail. If you follow this, you’ll reach the bridge. It is covered in moss and looks like something out of a fairy tail. It was built in an area where wealthy Knoxvillians would come to the Smokies for a getaway.

5. Place of a Thousand Drips

place of a thousand drips roaring fork motor trailThe Place of a Thousand Drips is another waterfall you should see in the Great Smoky Mountains. To get to the waterfall, turn at traffic light #8 in Gatlinburg and follow the Historic Nature Trail into the park. Take Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, and the waterfall is at stop #15. This waterfall gets its name because the water splits into multiple channels, creating a ton of “drips.”

You won’t want to miss out seeing these unique places in the Great Smoky Mountains. Want even more information on exploring the Smokies? Check out these hiking trails in the Smoky Mountains for even more fun things to do!