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May 14, 2024

Looking for a place to go for something sweet? There are a ton of candy stores in Pigeon Forge where you can find some of your favorite candy brands or try some of their signature homemade candies. There are chocolates, fruity candy, caramels, and so much more at these shops. Here are the top 4 candy stores in Pigeon Forge you should visit:

1. Chocolate Monkey

If you love chocolate, you should definitely stop by the Chocolate Monkey . All of their products are made the old fashioned way, including using real cream and butter. Their fudge is delicious, and it comes in a variety of flavors. You can get plain chocolate, peanut butter, chocolate mint, cookies and cream, raspberry, and many more. The caramel apples are another popular treat. You can get just plain caramel, chocolate drizzle, or coated in nuts or candies. You’ll also find chocolate truffles, buckeyes, brittle, chocolate covered bananas or strawberries, and many other types of candies.

2. Smoky Mountain Candy Makers

smoky mountain candy makers

Want to be able to see old fashioned candy being made in real life? Smoky Mountain Candy Makers has an old taffy machine that stretches and pulls taffy, mesmerizing guests as they walk past. This candy store in Pigeon Forge has just about every flavor of taffy you can think of, from fruity to spices. Although taffy is their speciality, Smoky Mountain Candy Makers have all of the other candies too. There are caramel apples, chocolates, truffles, and fudge. No matter what kind of sweets you like, this store will have it!

3. Farmhouse Sweets Candy Kitchen

Farmhouse Sweets Candy Kitchen is another great candy store in Pigeon Forge. Get your favorite flavor of fudge or a candied apple covered in chocolate or caramel. Try the chocolate bark, chocolate covered cookies, chocolate covered marshmallows, and so much more. This candy store also sells ice cream . You can get your favorite flavor in a cup, waffle cone, or waffle bowl coated in your favorite candy. They have specialty flavors that change, so try it that day if it sounds good! 

4. Sweet Shop at Crave Golf Club

candy wall at Crave Golf Club

You may be wondering why there would be a candy store in Pigeon Forge inside a mini golf attraction. The theme is candy and desserts, so of course Crave Golf Club sells candy! You’ll find all the familiar candies you know and love, including Reese’s, Double Bubble, and Jolly Ranchers. As soon as you walk into their lobby, you’ll want to get a little bit of everything. The candy is in clear plastic bins lining the walls and in a candy tree in the middle of the store. You can buy candy by the pound, so you can get all of your favorites. Plus, while you’re there, you can play a round or two of mini golf or an escape game!

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