Dollywood Express
October 21, 2019

Dollywood is one of the top attractions in the Smoky Mountains. If you’re thinking about visiting this theme park, stop thinking about it and buy your tickets! From small children to grandparents, everyone will find something they love about Dollywood, especially when it comes to rides! Here are the top 10 fun Dollywood rides everyone should try at least once:

1. Wild Eagle

wild eagle at dollywood

The Wild Eagle is a unique wing roller coaster that is designed to look like an eagle. Riders are suspended as if they were traveling on the wings of an eagle. The highest point of this ride is 21 stories, and you’ll love the thrilling feeling you get from riding to the top of the drop, looping and diving throughout the ride, and until you reach the end.

2. Dollywood Express

The perfect Dollywood ride for any family is the Dollywood Express . This locomotive runs constantly throughout the day, so you will definitely be able to find time to ride it. The steam engine is fueled by coal, and you’ll constantly hear the whistle throughout the park during the day. You’ll ride around the park for 20 minutes while the conductor tells you all kinds of neat information about Dollywood and the Smoky Mountains.

3. Blazing Fury

blazing fury

A classic Dollywood ride you can’t skip is Blazing Fury . While some parts of the ride have changed over the years, the nostalgia you’ll feel if you’ve ever ridden it before will come back! See all the animatronics you know and love while you make your way through the town that’s on fire.

4. Tennessee Tornado

As one of the original roller coasters in Dollywood, you can’t miss riding the Tennessee Tornado . With all the twists and loops you go through, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve gone through a tornado at the end of this ride!

5. River Rampage

river rampage sign

During the warmer months, you can’t skip out on riding the River Rampage . Not only will you get cooled down, you’ll also have a ton of fun! Everyone waits to see who will get soaked the most as you make your way through the manmade river, while water splashes up and onto your whole family!

6. Thunderhead

Thunderhead is a wooden roller coaster everyone will have fun riding. This unique roller coaster goes over and under itself over 30 times, and it’s one of the only coasters to have part of the coaster go through the loading station. You guys will want to ride Thunderhead over and over.

7. Village Carousel

village carousel

Kids and adults alike will have a ton of fun riding the Village Carousel . You get to choose what kind of animal you ride on, from horses to roosters! You’ll feel like a kid again when you ride this nostalgic carousel.

8. Waltzing Swinger

Feel like you’ve stepped into the country fair when you ride the Waltzing Swinger . You’ll dip and dive during your ride on these swings. You can ride solo or double with your kids!

9. Rockin’ Roadway

rockin' roadway at dollywood If classic cars are your thing, you definitely have to ride the Rockin’ Roadway . Your kids can drive you while you sit back and enjoy going along the outdoor track. There are all kinds of car replicas you can look at too!

10. Scrambler

Another Country Fair Dollywood ride favorite is the Scrambler ! Climb into the seat and strap yourself in while you’re thrown into each other as you ride in circles. You won’t be able to stop laughing until the ride comes to an end!

You’ll want to try almost all of the Dollywood rides you see! Curious about what else you’re going to do other than visit Dollywood? Check out these Gatlinburg attractions you should try while you stay in one of our cabins!

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