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3rd Annual Gatlinburg Screenfest

Mar 13, 2012

Join in one of the fastest growing celebrations of the film industry at this year’s Gatlinburg Screenfest. The Gatlinburg Screen

fest features independent films by filmmakers across the nation. The idea of the festival is to promote filmmakers and artists by networking them into the film industry through a series of activities throughout the weekend. Their film creations will be introduced to a fortunate audience of local residents and movie lovers alike in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains.



A variety of movies will be shown in feature-length blocks. The film festival will be an excellent opportunity for filmmakers, actors and viewers from across the country to interact through seminars, guest speaking opportunities, question and answer sessions with the director and assemblies to encourage brainstorming and expression of new ideas. Fun parties will be organized throughout the weekend, bringing another level of excitement to the festival. Film enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to join in on the celebration.



This 3rd annual independent film festival is sponsored by Ripley’s Entertainment, and will be taking place from Friday, March 25 through Sunday, March 27th at the beautiful River Terrace Resort. Ticket prices and packages range up to $30.00 for the film fanatics ticket package, covering all the the film festivities. Do not miss out on all the film fun. Join us for the Gatlinburg Screenfest in eastern Tennessee’s adventurous city that never sleeps, Gatlinburg. This is a movie experience you will never forget!