Gatlinburg surrounded by the smoky mountains

Earth Hour Celebration

Mar 13, 2012

Earth Hour is a global initiative to save energy and protect the environment all around the world. Many countries and major citi

es take part in Earth Hour at annual events. Family friendly activities and educational opportunities are held at these events, all in an effort to send a message about global warming and it’s impact on the planet. Gatlinburg, Tennessee hosts one of the bigger earth hour celebrations in the area.

Gatlinburg celebrates Earth Hour this year with it’s “lights out” initiative from 8:30-9:30pm. By turning out the lights as part of a global environmental action, the Gatlinburg community hopes to show the world their commitment to protecting the planet.

The activities and entertainment are held at NOC’s Great Outpost in the parking lot from 6:00-10:00pm.

Highlights of the Gatlinburg event include a twighlight hike into the National Park, display booths by several eco friendly vendors, face painting and glow in the dark disc golf. Kids can ride a bike to see the power they create or play with recycled instruments. Candle lanterns and hand crank flashlights are available for purchase, and alternative energy sources will be used to light the parking lot.