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August 27, 2018

The ​Nantahala Outdoor Center Great Outpost​ is located at the far end of Gatlinburg just before the national park entrance, and it’s quite the impressive retail shop. It's so much more than your average retail shop, as it’s filled with tons of fun that you simply won’t find in an ordinary sporting goods store. We’ll give you​ ​5 reasons why this should find its way in your itinerary.

1. Get Some Last-Minute Hiking Gear

hiking boots and red backpack

If you’re planning on heading into the Smoky Mountains for some hiking and realized you forgot something important, chances are pretty certain that the Nantahala Outdoor Center Great Outpost will have it. Whether it’s jackets, gloves, trail maps, or boots, you name it, you’ll find it in this massive 18,000 square foot store. Only the best equipment and items will be found here!

2. You Can Find Nice Souvenirs

In a sporting goods store that’s the size of the NOC Great Outpost you’re sure to find yourself and your family some nice things for your trip. You’ll discover a treasure trove of some of the best Smoky Mountain souvenirs. Whatever you pick up, it will make for a great addition to your book room, garage, closet, man cave … the list goes on. There are thousands of items you can put in your material collection.

3. Climb the Rock Wall

You know you’re in for a unique experience when the store features an impressive rock wall inside. The Nantahala Outdoor Center in Gatlinburg is a cool place for something that you would normally find in a kid-friendly outdoor atmosphere. Here, you can find it inside this place that caters to outdoor enthusiasts. Helpful guides are always nearby to help you in your harness so you can mimic scaling a mountain wall.

wood burning fireplace4. Relax and Play Games By the Fireplace

In a large retail store like Nantahala Outdoor Center, you may not be surprised to find fun outdoor-type activities like a rock wall. But in this environment, you can also sit by a large fireplace and relax; it doesn’t have to be winter, either. There’s also a few classic games two can play and enjoy. This is perfect when you’re waiting on someone else in your group to finish shopping.

5. It’s Great For the Kids

We’ve already mentioned the rock wall and games, but the Nantahala Outdoor Center flagship store in Gatlinburg has other fun things for the kids to enjoy. The upper level has a swinging rope bridge for some wobbly walking, and another cool thing for the kids is the bear cave, in which they can enter a hole in the wall and crawl through to the other end for almost endless fun.

We believe you’ll feel good about a visit to the Nantahala Outdoor Center. It’s some great fun, and chances are high that you’ll also walk out with some high-quality goods that may prove to benefit your vacation. ​ Reserve your cabin ​ right away, and you’ll feel the same way about us!

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