the village in gatlinburg
September 6, 2018

When you're shopping in Gatlinburg you'll come across an area that's quite popular with tourists. ​ The Village ​ is a place where you can find some of the best eats and shops in town. Its uniqueness is clear from the moment you enter, and we’ll show you 5 reasons you can't miss this little paradise within the larger one of the Smoky Mountains.

1. The Donut Friar

The Donut Friar

The air is filled with wonderful smells in Gatlinburg, and if you think you smell donuts from walking on the Parkway, you didn't imagine it. ​ The Donut Friar ​ is one of the best places for donuts anywhere in the Smoky Mountains. They are open super early in the morning and have a good variety of the mouth-watering breakfast staple. Be sure to try their cinnamon bread if they haven't already sold out for the day, but you'll definitely have to grab one of their cake donuts before heading out the door!

2. The Environment

There are many things great about shopping in Gatlinburg, but the environment makes The Village look vastly different from other areas in town. It's an Old World style village with the shops looking like you just stepped straight out of a time machine. Not only that, but there are street names with the ground lined with bricks. It appears as a miniature little center of an old city that just oozes with charm that we know you'll love.

3. The Fountain

The centerpiece of this special little place is the pretty fountain that you'll see straight ahead after entering. As memorable as this area is, we can't imagine The Village without it. Every season, the space around the fountain is beautifully decorated to suit that particular time of year. Of course there's always benches surrounding it, and you'll want to remember it by taking plenty of pictures with your family.

4. The Shops

Village Shops in Gatlinburg

Did we mention that it was a great place to go shopping in Gatlinburg? Not unlike the entire downtown, The Village contains an array of shops that are unique, but give you plenty of options to keep you browsing for hours. Visit ​ The Day Hiker​ for your hiking supplies, or head to ​ The Spice and Tea Exchange ​ for teas and food enhancers. There are all kinds of shops in this quaint little area, including a ton of food shops you won't want to miss ! If these aren't your cup of tea, you have 25 other options that you'll enjoy discovering!

5. The Peacefulness

We've given you everything that will amaze you with your own eyes about The Village, but it also does wonderful things for your mental state. Even during busy times it comes across as a perfectly peaceful place. A stroll through the streets with the music quietly coming out of the speakers also adds to the overall mood. If you still don't believe it, try a relaxing morning walk before it becomes a hotbed of activity. A donut and coffee here is a great way to start your day!

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We know you'll love shopping in Gatlinburg at The Village. These reasons are why it's such a popular place for visitors throughout the year. Double your enjoyment and peaceful feelings and ​reserve a cabin​ with us for an extra special vacation!

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