bride and groom sitting in rocking chairs on the deck of a Gatlinburg cabin
August 20, 2015

Congratulations! You have picked the perfect ring, you have decided on a date, and the only decision left is to choose where you want to get married. For such an important day in your life, we can’t think of a better place for your to exchange your vows than inside one of our welcoming cabins.

In addition to giving you a private place to host your ceremony, Gatlinburg cabin weddings come with a ton of benefits you can’t get with other venue choices. To find out what all of these benefits are, read below!

1. Extremely Affordable

couple getting married

To start off, you will not believe how affordable Gatlinburg cabin weddings can be. This is perfect for brides and couples working within a budget.

The reason behind the affordability of this wedding option lies with the fact you are combining both your lodging cost and your venue rental into one low cost. This also saves you the headache of having to keep track of the information for both your lodging rental and your event venue.

Not to mention, depending on the size of your wedding, you can also cut down on the cost of catering by taking advantage of the fully-equipped kitchen your cabin has to offer. We aren’t saying you have to cook the food for your wedding, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask one of your culinary friends to lend a helping hand. You can consider their wedding present to you.

couple getting married2. Perfect Way to Blend Both Families

A wedding is much more than a fancy party, it is a symbol of two families joining together as one. And what better way to start this new chapter in your life than with Gatlinburg cabin weddings?

thanks to the fact you and your wedding party can easily say together under the same roof in our cabins, you can easily transform your destination wedding into your first official vacation with your new family. This will do wonders in terms of increasing the number of fond memories you make surrounding your big day.

If you and your new spouse want to retreat to your own romantic honeymoon cabin in Gatlinburg after the ceremony is over, you can easily do so while your family stays in the original rental. We offer several cabins that are near each other, so you can have your privacy while still being close to your friends and loved ones.

groom and bride3. Incredibly Convenient Location

There is a lot of running around on your wedding day that can easily be avoided by planning Gatlinburg cabin weddings. By choosing to plan your wedding in the same place you are staying eliminates the need to get ready in a remote location, drive to your venue, and then travel somewhere else when the ceremony and reception is over. That is a lot of time you could be spending with your loved ones instead of driving in a car.

Plus, choosing to get married in your cabin also eliminates your risk of getting caught in traffic and being late for your ceremony. This is your big day! Don’t let anything slow you down from enjoying every last minute of it, including cars.

married couple in the smoky mountains4. Romantic Atmosphere

Another reason we love Gatlinburg cabin weddings is our rentals offer an incredibly romantic atmosphere for you and your sweetheart to enjoy. Not only can you add your own decorations to make the space feel more like home, you will be able to enjoy the incredible mountain views these rentals offer throughout your ceremony as well.

Whether you choose to enjoy a candlelit ceremony at sunset or a beautiful afternoon service, we promise you will not be disappointed in the amazing atmosphere these cabins offer you for your big day.

To choose which of our rentals is right for your Gatlinburg cabin weddings, browse through all our romantic Gatlinburg cabins today!

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