Hands packing a suitcase full of clothes
October 20, 2014

Sometimes it’s the little things that get in the way of packing for your Gatlinburg cabin rental vacation. Things like tangled electronic cords and wrinkled clothes can really bother you when you are traveling. Here’s a few easy fixes for these small stresses, so maybe you don’t have to deal with any of those ‘little hassles.’ Here’s what you can do:

Electronics: Wires and Cords

With all of the electronics you probably travel with today, you have cords for each individual item. For any one person, there could be at least 4 or 5 cords. Then, as you’re traveling with all of these together in a bag, you’ll end up with a bunch of tangled cords. To avoid this, you can wrap each cord around an old gift card. If you like to be extremely organized, you can use small Ziploc bags, one for each cord. This way, when you travel, each cord is alone and you don’t run the risk of a tangled mess.

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Clothes: Avoid Wrinkled Items

Do you hate having to break out the iron during your vacation? We think, when you’re on vacation, you should be able to step away from all of the normal day-to-day chores, even ironing. Many say you should roll your clothes to avoid wrinkled items, but the last time we tried it, we still ended up ironing. Here’s a few ways you can avoid using the iron:

  • Tissue Paper Technique: Try wrapping your clothes in tissue paper. It seems strange, but it creates a level between your nice clothes.

  • Wrinkle Releaser Spray: Believe it or not, this exists! Sold at most convenience and grocery stores (found in the same aisle as laundry supplies), you can find wrinkle release sprays. Just hang your shirt or pants, spray and rub out the wrinkles. It takes less than a minute and your clothes are ready to wear!

Toiletries: Cheapest Travel Bottlesperson packing a suitcase

Are you tired of spending money on travel sized items for each trip you take? Even though the bottles are roughly only a dollar or two, those dollars add up quickly. Sure, you can invest in the reusable bottles, but why not use something that’s even cheaper that you probably have around the house? Medicine bottles! Go ahead and fill these bottles with your favorite shampoos and soaps. If you are scared of it leaking, simply wrap the bottle in a little plastic wrap before placing it into a Ziploc bag.

Jewelry: Prevent Tangling

Women spend a good amount of money on jewelry, so it’s important that the jewelry lasts as long as possible. Knots in your necklaces are no fun and can be difficult to get out. For all of those thin necklaces, you can cut a straw and slide it over the necklace. When you arrive to your destination, your jewelry will be in perfect condition and you won’t spend hours trying to get the knot out of your jewelry.

Start Planning Your Gatlinburg Cabin Vacation

At Parkside Cabin Rentals, our beautiful Gatlinburg cabin rentals are perfect for any vacation to the Smoky Mountains. Give us a call and our reservation team will be happy to help you choose the best cabin for your family.

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