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December 11, 2020

Have you been to Cruze Farm in Sevierville yet? If you haven’t visited this ice cream shop in the Smoky Mountains, you’re missing out! They have delicious ice cream in a variety of flavors, and it all comes from their dairy farm in Knoxville. Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Cruze Farm in Sevierville:

1. Delicious Ice Cream

The number one reason why you should visit Cruze Farm is because their ice cream is delicious! You won’t find any better homemade ice cream than at this shop. You can get it in a waffle cone or a bowl. They have a variety of toppings, including nuts, candies, and dips, you can choose from. The ice cream is super smooth, making it popular with the locals.

2. Constantly Change Flavors

A really cool thing about Cruze Farm in Sevierville is how often they change flavors. There are signature flavors that are available all the time, including sweet cream and chocolate. Other flavors on their menu are constantly rotating, so if you see one you think sounds good while you’re in town, you should probably try it! Some of the flavors they have had in the past include honey, lavender honey, sugar-free vanilla, and dairy-free sorbets. Cruze also has seasonal flavors, so in the fall you might find pumpkin and sweet potato. Around the holidays, you might be able to try gingerbread and Santa’s milk and cookies.

3. Cool Vibe

An ice cream shop not only needs to have delicious ice cream but also a pretty unique atmosphere. Cruze Farm definitely has a cool vibe! All of the employees wear a red and white checkered dress with bright red lipstick, a red apron, and red shoes. Pictures decorate the walls with the owners, pictures from the dairy farm with cows, and so much more. There’s a bar at the counter where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream with red bar stools. Plus, there is a selfie camera in the corner so you can take a picture with your ice cream and it sends it to your phone.

4. More than Ice Cream

Cruze Farm in Sevierville serves more than just ice cream. You can get some of their signature milk to try. They have whole, buttermilk, light, chocolate, and sometimes they have coffee milk. You’ll also find seasonal milk flavors. You can get affogato, which is ice cream served with coffee. They have churns, which are ice cream treats blended with toppings, as well as milkshakes. You can get coffee and hot chocolate too.

5. Outdoor Patio

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Something else about Cruze Farm you’ll love is the huge outdoor patio. This is a great spot to sit and enjoy your ice cream with your friends and family, especially during the summer. There are several places to sit with chairs and tables. It will be nice to sit for a few minutes and enjoy your treat! After you enjoy your ice cream, you can walk over to the Ogle Brothers General Store and look through their products.

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Cruze Farm in Sevierville is definitely a place you’ll want to visit. Want to know what else you should do when you stay with us? Look at these attractions in Gatlinburg for some ideas!

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