cades cove
December 31, 2020

Do you love visiting Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains ? There’s so much about this beautiful area you should know, and we want to share some fun facts about the area with you! Here are 6 fun facts about Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains:

1. Buildings Have Been Moved

cantilever barn in cades cove

When you drive through the Loop, you’ll see all kinds of historic buildings. There are churches, barns, and cabins. But what you may not know is many of these buildings have been moved into Cades Cove. Some of the buildings that have been moved include the Gregg-Cable House and many of the buildings around the grist mill.

2. Only Section of the Park that Closes at Night

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park doesn’t have gates that shut when the sun goes down, but there are many things you can’t do at night. One of those is visiting Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains. There is a gate to the entrance of the Loop, and it is closed at night. Other activities you can’t do include fishing, and you probably don’t want to be out on the trails at night!

3. Tour On Horseback


Did you know there is a Cades Cove horse stable ? You probably have driven through the Loop many times, but there’s something truly beautiful about seeing it on horseback. People of all ages will enjoy riding horses through the mountain scenery, and you’ll really get to see what life was like for the pioneers back in the day. You can ride horses in Cades Cove from March 3 to November 30.

4. Go On a Carriage Ride

The Cades Cove Riding Stable also offers carriage rides. If you want to see Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains in a new way or take a romantic trip, you should book one of the carriage rides. This is a unique way to see the valleys and mountains in this area. It may even become a new tradition!

5. Several Hiking Trails

abrams falls

You may not know this fun fact, but there are several hiking trails within Cades Cove. Rich Mountain Loop has an abundance of wildflowers along the beginning of the trail in the spring, and it is considered a difficult trail. Abrams Falls is probably the most popular hiking trail in the area, and it is considered moderate at 5 miles roundtrip. You’ll hike through the woods and then alongside the creek until you reach the incredible Abrams Falls.

6. Most Popular Destination in the Park

Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains is the most popular destination in the national park. This area gets about 2 million visitors per year, while the national park gets an average of 12.5 million visitors per year. Once you see the beauty of the area, you’ll understand why it’s the most popular place in the Smokies.

Cades Cove in the Smoky Mountains is a great place to explore. Want to know what else you should do when you stay in one of our cabins? Look at these Gatlinburg attractions for some ideas!

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