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5 Easy Ways to Save Money By Staying at Our Cabin Rentals in Gatlinburg

Jul 20, 2023

When it comes to an affordable getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains, there is no better place to stay than Parkside Cabin Rentals! We make it easy for you to save money on your vacation, making our cabins the best value in Gatlinburg! Here are 5 easy ways to save money by staying at our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg:

1. Share a Cabin With Family and Friends

roosevelt lodge gatlinburg cabinOne of the best ways to save money on your vacation is by splitting the cost of a cabin with your family and friends! Parkside Cabin Rentals has cabins for families and groups of all sizes, including a spectacular 7 bedroom cabin in Gatlinburg for the whole gang! When you compare the cost of splitting a cabin to booking separate hotel rooms, you will be amazed at just how much money you can save. Besides, it is much more fun to spread out in a comfortable cabin rather than being cramped up in a tiny hotel room!

2. Review Our Latest Specials

When planning your vacation, be sure to check our latest Gatlinburg cabin specials that can save you even more money on your trip! These specials change often throughout each season, so be sure to check back frequently to see what deals might apply to your dates! With this extra savings, you will have more money to spend on other parts of your vacation such as attractions, dining out, souvenir shopping and more!

3. Make Meals in Your Kitchen

kitchen inside Gatlinburg cabinAnother great way you can save money by staying at our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg is by making most of your meals in your kitchen! That’s right, all of our cabins come complete with a fully equipped kitchen with every modern amenity of your kitchen back home! This includes our 1 bedroom cabins in Gatlinburg, where you can prepare a romantic meal for two! When you think about how much it would cost to eat out at a restaurant on each day of your vacation, the savings really add up!

4. Take Advantage of Parkside Perks

All guests of Parkside Cabin Rentals can take advantage of our Parkside Perks program, which includes free parking in downtown Gatlinburg, attraction discounts, restaurant coupons and other awesome perks! We are pleased to offer these discounts as a “thank you” for choosing to stay with us and hope that you will visit us every year for your annual vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains!

5. Avoid Kennel Fees

dog hiking in smoky mountainsIf you have a pet at home, you can avoid expensive kennel fees by bringing your furry companion along to our pet friendly cabins in Gatlinburg! This not only saves you money, but gives you the comfort of having your beloved pet by your side. Your pet will not only appreciate the companionship, but will be excited about the unique surroundings of the Smokies!

Check out all of our cabin rentals in Gatlinburg today to plan your affordable vacation to the Great Smoky Mountains! We look forward to seeing you soon at Parkside Cabin Rentals!