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October 5, 2020

Want a fun and unique way to remember your vacation to the Smoky Mountains? You should take an old time photo in Pigeon Forge with your friends and family! Everyone will have a blast getting to dress up based on the theme you pick, and then you have a photo shoot with a photographer and lights! Here are the top 5 places to take old time photos in Pigeon Forge:

1. Four Sisters Old Time Photos

Four Sisters Old Time Photos is a great place to go to get pictures taken! They have outfits for all ages, shapes, and sizes. This is one of the largest old time photo studios in the country. You can take pictures by yourself or in groups of up to 200 people. They even take pictures of pets! There are all kinds of props you can use, and the sessions are 1 hour long. Some of the fun things you can dress up as include cowboys, saloon girls, hillbillies, or 20s gangsters and flappers.

2. Old Time Photos Pigeon Forge

Another great place to go for old time photos in Pigeon Forge is the studio called Old Time Photos Pigeon Forge . This studio is located at traffic light number 7, right off the Parkway. They have seven different sets you can choose from for your photo. Turn into a saloon owner or dancer, sit in front of a hillbilly’s house, or stare wistfully into the camera as a wealthy Victorian. You have so many fun experiences to choose from, and this shop offers all kinds of mats and frames so you can remember your time for years to come!

3. Old Time Photo #5

Want to really remember your wedding or family vacation? Old Time Photo #5 specializes in weddings and wedding parties, but anywhere can get their picture taken here! Some of the scenes you can do include saloon, Victorian parlor, western porch with outhouse, and an elegant chaise lounge. You can bring in children of all ages, as well as pets. They have a wide range of costume sizes so everyone can participate.

4. Four Bandits Old Time Studio

Four Bandits Old Time Studio is another great place to take old time photos in Pigeon Forge. All of the lighting and photographers are professionals, and the sets are unique and custom designed. Their scenes can accommodate up to 40 people, and they include saloon, steampunk, and a cityscape. You’ll have a blast getting your picture taken at Four Bandits Old Time Studio!

5. Wild Gals Old Time Photo

Wild Gals Old Time Photo will accommodate everyone in your group, whether it’s just you and your significant other, there are a ton of kids, or you also have pets. First, you’ll choose what era you want to have your pictures in. Then you’ll get to pick out your outfits to match the era. After that, you’ll go into the studio and find some props, then start taking pictures as a group! You’ll have a blast!

These old time photos in Pigeon Forge are just some of the fun things you can do when you’re in town. Want to know what else you should do when you stay in one of our cabins? Check out these Gatlinburg attractions for more ideas!

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