beautiful sunrise photo of the mountains in late fall
October 21, 2016

When you think about Thanksgiving, do you think about cleaning your house, buying tons of food and generally stressing out over the idea of your house being filled with every single family member you have? That’s a normal association that tons of people have when it comes to Thanksgiving, but it doesn’t have to be that way! We have suggestions on 4 fun ways to spend the upcoming holiday in Gatlinburg TN that are guaranteed to keep your Thanksgiving peaceful, easy and stress-free!

1. Relieve Stress by Connecting with Nature

There’s no better way to make stress a thing of the past than by strapping on your hiking boots and hitting the trails! Whether you’re a hiking pro or you love to stroll, there are Smoky Mountain hiking trails to suit everybody’s needs. Fall is the perfect season for hiking because the weather is cool but not cold, the colors on the trees are absolutely breathtaking and the visibility is higher, meaning you have a better chance of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. All of these things making hiking the perfect Thanksgiving activity! Plus, hiking is a great way to work off that Thanksgiving dinner!

2. Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner on the Town

Another way to take some pressure off of yourself this Thanksgiving is to enjoy a delicious turkey day dinner in Gatlinburg TN! Grocery shopping, non-stop cooking and working to please every person’s tastes are easily the most stressful things about Thanksgiving, and you won’t have to worry about any of them when you spend the upcoming holiday in Gatlinburg TN! Whether you’re wanting a traditional meal or something more casual, there are dozens of restaurants to choose from.

For an upscale dining experience, book a reservation at The Park Grill. With juicy steaks, fresh seafood and decadent desserts, this Gatlinburg TN restaurant will make your Thanksgiving extra special.

3. Take a Cabin RetreatCabin Retreat

Out of all the great ways to enjoy the upcoming holiday in Gatlinburg TN, the most relaxing of them all is to treat yourself to a weekend retreat at our Gatlinburg TN cabins. Spend this Thanksgiving away from all the stress of everyday life and instead bonding with your spouse, your children and any other family members or friends who you want to invite along for the fun! Our cabins come in many different sizes which makes them perfect for a party of 2 or 32! The kids will have a blast in the game room and theater room, the adults will enjoy relaxing and sipping coffee or tea while watching the sunrise from the cabin’s private deck, and everyone will love the bubbling hot tub. Our cabins are closeby to all the best attractions and restaurants if you’re wanting to spend a day exploring Gatlinburg TN, but if you don’t want to leave the cabin, you’ll easily stay entertained all weekend long at your beautiful home away from home! Taking advantage of everything your cabin has to offer will also help you save money!

4. Sightsee…From High in the Sky!

The Smoky Mountains are a popular place for sightseeing for tourists from around the world. People come from every corner to experience the breathtaking scenery, especially in the fall when the trees burn golden yellow and red. But sightseeing doesn’t just have to mean hiking or driving mountain roads. This Thanksgiving, consider spending the holiday in Gatlinburg TN sightseeing like never before…from high in the sky!

Sightsee...From High in the Sky!

For those of you who love adventure and adrenaline, ziplining is an awesome way to get a whole new view of the mountains. You’ll love feeling the wind in your hair as you rush through the trees and over the mountains at high speeds! Most ziplining tours also include getting to walk over a sky bridge, which will test your bravery!

For those of you wanting a milder experience, the Gatlinburg TN Sky Lift is another fun way to see the sights. Rising over 1,800 feet at the peak, this is Gatlinburg TN’s most popular scenic outlook and easily the best way to get 360 degree views of the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Try riding the lift at night to see all the city’s twinkling lights below!

Now that you’re convinced that you need to spend the upcoming holiday in Gatlinburg TN, look through our selection of beautiful Gatlinburg TN cabins, and start planning your holiday retreat today!

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