Snow covered trees overlooking the Smoky Mountains

What Makes Gatlinburg the Best Place for a Winter Group Vacation?

Jan 21, 2014

Are you looking to get together with friends and family this winter in the Smokies? It’s the perfect season to enjoy a little rest and relaxation in the Great Smoky Mountains, while curling up and enjoying time together in a cabin.


At Parkside Cabin Rentals, we offer a variety of Gatlinburg cabins that are great for hosting a group vacation. Whether you want to get the entire family together for a family reunion, or plan a group retreat with friends, Parkside Cabin Rentals has a cabin for your needs.


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As opposed to the peak season, the winter months give families and group a little more time and space to enjoy the mountains. The attractions and restaurants are a little less busy, meaning you can enjoy your time everywhere you go.


The winter months bring beautiful snow-covered mountains, as well as gorgeous frosted landscapes. If you’ve never seen the snowy treetops of the Great Smokies, you’re missing out on one of the prettiest seasons.


When groups stay in one of our Gatlinburg cabins, you can choose one with a bubbling hot tub or game room. These amenities make your trip to the Smokies even more memorable. Instead of spending the entire vacation on the Parkway in Gatlinburg, you can enjoy some quality time together in the cabin. Pop a little popcorn and relax for a movie night while others enjoy the hot tub and game area. You are guaranteed to have a blast when you stay with Parkside.


Each of our Gatlinburg cabin rentals is equipped with everything you need for a vacation, including a full-service kitchen, washer and dryer and basic amenities. When you call to book your stay, make sure you let us know which amenities you are looking for, and we will help you choose a cabin that is perfect for everyone in your group. To start planning your trip, give us a call at (866) 808-7525.