Big Sky cabin
January 3, 2023

When you’re searching for a great place to stay for your Smoky Mountain vacation, you won’t have to look any further than our cabin rentals! Over the years, we’ve shared many things about our rentals that you probably know, but now we want to share some fun things you probably don’t know about us and our Smoky Mountain cabins. Check out these 7 things you didn’t know about our Gatlinburg cabins.

1. We offer our guests perks for staying with us.

the island in pigeon forge with ole smoky and the great smoky mountain wheel in the background

You probably didn't know that we offer our guests Parkside Perks as a thank you for choosing to stay with us. It’s a great incentive, and you won’t find better benefits anywhere else! One of the most favored perks is free downtown Gatlinburg parking, but we also offer $2 off a ride on The Great Smoky Mountain Wheel at The Island. There’s also a $2 discount for tickets at WonderWorks and discounts at restaurants. You’ll love all of these perks, and more, when you stay with us!

2. Some Gatlinburg cabins are pet friendly.

Anyone who has a pet knows that they are family. So why would you leave some of your family behind when you go on vacation? You don’t have to with our pet friendly Gatlinburg cabins ! You can save hundreds of dollars on boarding costs or pet sitters and just pay a small $50 pet fee to stay in one of our cozy pet friendly accommodations!

3. We have several popular amenities.

hot tub on deck of 2 bedroom cabin in gatlinburg

All of our Gatlinburg cabins have amenities you will love. Not every cabin will have every single amenity, but if there’s a specific perk you want, you’ll find a cabin that has it! You’ll find several rentals that have outdoor hot tubs where you can relax. Want to chill in front of the fireplace? We have several rentals with those too. You also can’t go wrong with beautiful views, washer and dryer access, game rooms, and more.

4. You can see their location on this map.

A lot of people ask about cabin location, will they have to drive up a steep driveway, and other questions related to where the cabin they’re interested in is. Well, we’re sure you probably had no idea that we provide our guests with a map of where our Smoky Mountain cabins are located so you can easily make the right decision for you! Check out our cabin rental map now !

5. We do have an age restriction.

Gatlinburg cabin on the river

We have also been asked if guests must be a certain age to rent from us. The answer to that is yes. Our policy outlines that guests must be at least 21 years old to rent our cabins, and the person who signs in must have proof of age and be in the cabin the entire length of the stay.

6. There are specific check in and check out times.

Another popular question about our Gatlinburg cabins is check in and check out. We start check in at 4 pm, and you may check in anywhere between then 9 pm Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, check in is until 10 pm. Our check out time is 11 am with no exceptions.

7. We provide certain supplies.


You may wonder what supplies the cabin will be stocked with and what you should bring with you. We provide linens, towels, basic kitchenware, and utensils. There’s also a stock of soap, dish detergent, paper towels, and toilet paper. Anything else you will need to bring with you or pick up once you get in town.

Hopefully you learned a little more about us, and now you’re ready to book your stay! Start by looking through our available Gatlinburg cabins , and choosing the best one for your crew for your next Smoky Mountain vacation!

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