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5 Perks of Staying in Gatlinburg Cabins on the River

Apr 02, 2015

There aren’t too many things more relaxing than spending your vacation on the water – unless, of course, you add the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains. It really is a combination of two of the most gorgeous and peaceful sights you can think of, and you can take advantage of this scenery and more when you rent one of our Gatlinburg cabins on the river. Nestled on the Little Pigeon River and other neighboring waterways, these cabins are sure to keep you comfortable and entertained. Keep reading to learn about four unexpected bonuses of staying in one of our waterside cabins.

Relaxation on the River

It’s no secret that one of your primary goals while on vacation is relaxation. Lucky for you, we take relaxation to an entirely new level. At our cabins on the water, you can breath in the mountain air while leaning your head back and listening to soothing sounds of the river only a couple yards away. Your troubles will melt away, leaving you ready to really enjoy the time you spend at your home away from home.

Our cabins remove you from stressful days at work, the logistical nightmare that is soccer, cello and ballet practice, and that neighbor with the lawn flamingos. They’re also a short drive away from downtown – just far enough away to escape the city noises. So after returning home from an exciting day in Gatlinburg, the calm and quiet of your cabin will be waiting to welcome you home.

Valuable Vacation Timepet friendly Gatlinburg cabins

One of the easiest ways to add value to your vacation is to choose a rental on the water. In addition to offering options and amenities like pet friendly Gatlinburg cabins and cabins with game rooms, hot tubs and fire pits that ensure your stay is both peaceful and fun, our Gatlinburg cabins on the river have a free, built-in entertainment and relaxation aspect – the river itself!

There’s no need to venture out and spend money in search of an activity to take down the kiddos’ energy level or a suitable spot for a picnic and a selfie or two. With the river right outside your cabin, you have all the outdoor scenery and fun things to do you could ever need. Of course, we don’t expect you to stay cooped up in your cabin throughout your entire trip, but it’s good to know you can if and when a “case of the Mondays” strikes.

If you’re looking to add even more value to your secluded Smoky Mountain cabin stay, check out our Gatlinburg cabin specials.

Waterside Fun

One of the best things about our cabins on the river is the built-in opportunity to explore. Children will delight in the salamanders, frogs and other discoveries they can make near the river, while adults will love being able to keep an eye on them with a view of the river from a comfy seat or in the steamy hot tub on their private deck. A cabin alongside a river also poses the perfect opportunity for fishing. Grab a comfy chair, a pole and a lucky spot where you think the fish will be biting, and you might even catch the big one If not, you’ll certainly have fun trying.

Waterside FunOf course, we advise visitors to use caution when exploring the rivers and creeks surrounding their cabins, as safety should be your primary concern. Be mindful of water levels and strength, slippery and wet rocks, and wildlife that inhabit river areas, like snakes.

Unmatched Convenience

When you stay at one of our cabins on the river, you have everything the Smokies has to offer convenient to you. With the Great Smoky Mountains all around you and the scenery of the waterfront to accompany it, you have some of the most picturesque views and photo opportunities conveniently outside your rental. There is endless fun to be had at your cabin and the nearby river, but Gatlinburg is also a short car ride away, offering exciting attractions, local eateries and shows of all kinds, as well. For the most part, anything you could want or need is ready nearby – now, that’s a vacation.

To learn even more about the great perks of staying at a cabin on the river or our other cabins in Gatlinburg during your next vacation, give us a call today! Our experts can help you and your family find the right cabin and answer any questions you may have.