couple ziplining in the Smoky Mountains

Dress for Success when Zip Lining in the Smokies

Jul 30, 2012

While enjoying your stay in Gatlinburg cabins or other Gatlinburg lodging, you may be interested in experiencing the thrill of z

ip lining in the Smokey Mountains. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your zip lining experience…

Dress for the weather and for adventure: When choosing clothing for your zip lining adventure, consider the weather. Typically, either jeans or shorts are appropriate. Even on warm days, you may wish to stay away from short shorts because they can become uncomfortable once you are strapped into the zip line harness. It’s a good idea to dress in light layers.

Shoes: Closed toed shoes are a must! No open toed shoes will be allowed. Light weight hiking boots or tennis shoes are good options.

Hats: Zip lining in the Smokey Mountains can be very fast, so wear hats at your own risk because they may blow away. If you decide to wear a hat, choosing one with a low profile (such a stocking cap) or with an adjustable chin strap may be helpful.

Glasses: You may wear eyeglasses. However, please ensure that you use an eyeglass strap or chain to prevent them from falling off.

Let us provide the rest: We will provide everything else you need to make your zip lining in the Smokey Mountains experience and safe and fun. This includes a safety harness, gloves, and a safety helmet.