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December 24, 2020

Pigeon Forge Car Show

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, Pigeon Forge is also home to a huge number of car shows every year. Beginning in the spring, car enthusiasts from around the globe will descend on the Smokies, not only to show off their vintage automobiles, but to make connections with those who share the same passions for classic cars. Here are 3 things to know about Pigeon Forge car shows:

1. Cost to Attend a Car Show

One of the best things about the car shows in Pigeon Forge is that the event is absolutely free to spectators! Walk around, take in all the beautiful cars around you and enjoy an afternoon filled with vintage and exotic cars you're unlikely to see anywhere else! If you are planning on attending a show at the LeConte Center, there typically will be a small entry fee, usually no more than $10 per person. If you would like to register your car at an event, there is a registration fee. For those just wanting to spend the day enjoying the shows and parades of these glamorous automobiles, find a spot, take a seat, and discover your new favorite car!

2. What You Should Take to a Car Show

If this is your first time attending a car show, don't worry! We know exactly what you should bring to ensure you have the best experience possible! If you're planning on spending the majority of the day just taking in and admiring the cars, we recommend you bring folding chairs and a cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks. You're going to want to be comfortable as you sit and watch the parade down the Parkway, so bringing these necessities will set you up for the most comfortable and relaxing day. If you'd rather buy something to eat, luckily there are plenty of restaurants on the Pigeon Forge Parkway you can choose from!

3. How to Avoid Traffic During a Car Show or Rod Run

With more cars in town that means more traffic on the roads. Car shows in Pigeon Forge are incredibly fun if you can work your way around the traffic. Some tips we recommend include starting your day off early. By getting into town before the show begins you ensure that you'll get a good spot and won't miss any of the action that you would if you were stuck in traffic. Another tip we recommend is walking the Parkway. This 6 mile straight path is an awesome walk! Take in the incredible views of the Smokies and get your steps in while doing it! You won't have to worry about any traffic and you'll get to see Pigeon Forge from a whole new perspective.

Where to Stay

Parkside Cabin Rentals is an ideal choice for those attending any of the many Pigeon Forge car shows. Our cabins offer privacy and seclusion in a wooded setting along with numerous amenities. One to five bedroom rentals are available, and many of them are also pet friendly. Some of the features available at our cabin rentals include fireplaces, pool tables, and outdoor grills to name a few.

When you stay at one of our cabins you're only minutes away from the best car shows in town! Drivers who want to get away from the crowds at these car shows can enjoy the scenic drive along mountain roads no matter what time of year they are visiting. We look forward to seeing you!

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